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Every person whose life is improved or saved, stems from an act of generosity that’s purely voluntary. That’s why donating is so extraordinary when you do it.


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Settlement Services

We work with newcomers about settlement programs taking place across Canada and around the world. We also aim to promote innovative ways to assist immigrants in their integration into their new communities.

Seniors programs

We have several activities for seniors, our respectable elders in the neighborhood. Come over and see what we can do together with you. Think of group outings that we organize – visit museums and live theater!

Youth Programs

Do you have a business idea, want to become an entrepreneur or want to learn how to write a business plan? We can help you with Self employment training opportunities as well as Business counseling and mentoring.


Visible Minority Re-Settlement and Training Network (VMRTN) is a registered not-for-profit corporation. The aim is to cater to the communication and developmental needs of the nation’s ever-growing visible minority groups in a unique, all-purpose setting, along the way helping to fill the communication gaps among the sundry communities. 

Research has shown that the mainstream media are not doing justice to the needs of these groups, thereby leading to lack of understanding between these groups and the mainstream population, and even among the communities themselves.

Furthermore, there is a need to give our native languages a pride of place in the community while helping our younger ones, especially foreign-born, to imbibe the richness, history and value in our languages and cultures.

To this effect, we particularly aim to use the broadcast media of radio and television to further project the following social and   capacity-building activities that form part of our mandate: Senior and Elderly services; Newcomer Referral and Information; Supportive and Peer Counseling; Age/ Sex-appropriate social programs; Drugs/ HIV / AIDS programs; Environmental Awareness; After-school program for kids; Crime Prevention; Single Mothers; etc.

Our Motto

“Improving family life, knowledge and understanding.”

We strive to keep up with our missions and visions in the past five years in the community service.

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Connect with us! Email, Call or drop by our office in Oakville or Toronto and let us know your needs.

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We have partnered with a lot of agencies, communities and government services in the country to serve you better!

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We are here to enable youth to have entry to resources, financing, and mentorship to start or begin their own businesses through ProtoStarter.

After school program

Homework Help (Math, Science, English, French) Sports and Recreation Healthy Eating Workshops and much more!

Single Mother Program

To help mothers engage in activities and receive the support they require as a single parent.

Visible Minority Re-Settlement and Training Network

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