Senior’s Training and workshop programs

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Feel a part of the Community and join us!

Register NOW and have fun!

We have several activities for seniors, our respectable elders in the neighborhood. Come and over and see what we can do together with you. Think of group outings that we organize – visit museums and live theatre! Or let us dine together and visit a dancing hall! And let’s play cards; tell us your favorite game.

Curious what a computer can do for you? Check out how you can learn to find services for you on the internet! A lot of information is on the internet these days and you can find opening hours of banks and libraries or places where you can meet up with others. You could even learn how to use email!

Or how about listening to music from all over the world? We’ll find the music you were listening to in your youth! Prefer to stay in shape? Find more seniors who are interested and together we’ll go to the gym for light fitness that fits our bodies and health.

VMRTN colleagues can explain you basic computer skills with patience! And we love to go dancing and share heritage sites. We also know where libraries are and have information about pension plans, nursing care etc.

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